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Thoughtful and hard hitting blog. It's not easy to examine our selves and find greed or vanity or selfishness there. But it's worth facing that analysis in order to grow and become better people.

I was thinking about Imelda Marcos a little while ago for similar reasons. I remember as a kid hearing the news of her shoe collection, and everyone around me had the same reaction: to shake the head and say, "Shame on her." No one had the thought of emulating such excess. Now it's nothing to have (or aspire to have) a collection of sneakers that approaches hers in size or worth. (Many of her shoes were actually cheap common shoes, not worth a lot.) We don't think twice about it now.

There are many sneakers in my collection that I enjoy having and wearing because of my memories, not because of what people think. Those memories are part of who I am. I wear the kicks so I can have a chance to express who I am and what I remember, and I hope that someone sees and asks, or, even better, sees and remembers the same thing.

But there are also the sneakers I bought because I just thought someday I'll have a really good cool fit for this pair... And that is of course for others to see. It's vainglory and it makes no sense, as you said.

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