Of more fundamental concern, why do we like to wear brand names and logos in the first place? Or why has this trend in fashion become even stronger? Is it because of some lack in society that leaves us feeling left out? If we had deeper connections with people / community, would our desire to flaunt brand names decrease?

Corollary line of questioning: Why do companies that used to stand for quality niche products (Helly Hansen, The North Face, Carhartt, Levi's...) choose to scale down their quality in order to scale up their volume to satisfy the demands of popularity?

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I dislike many of these branding collabs, like the M&M Forums -- they just seem so unnecessary. Do any of them work? If yes, what makes them work?

And it's not true that Nike avoids these branding collabs entirely. AF-1 x PlayStation, AF-1 x USPS are a couple famous examples -- one sweet and the other ugly, lol! Why do we give Nike a pass?

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