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With the first story, the guy was a fucking dick straight up, you complimented him TWICE and he couldn’t even say “Thank you”. Then instead of saying “I’m not really a social person and I don’t know how to talk to people”, he blames others and says we’re “pretentious”. So you know his kid is definitely gonna lack social skills.

With the ‘Air’ movie, I do wanna check it out, I too am not in a hurry, since I grew up in the era as well. I know the stories and how he almost went to Converse first. Lol! I’ll get to it eventually.

With the way the shoe game is, unfortunately it is all about the “exclusivity” and all that added nonsense to it. It can never be about just the shoe, but hey, it makes it easier for me to get the shoes I really want. I just copped both colorways of the Kobe Crazy 1’s that came out.

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