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Hey everyone - if you’re here you’re probably familiar with the super-duper-long-winded posts I’ve been writing day after day on Instagram for the past couple of years. I’m a old guy who has an unnatural affinity for most things sneakers and I love to engage in all sorts of conversation about them. I’m not the guy rockin’ the newest release - I’m the guy rockin’ a twenty-year-old obscure sample that nobody else cares about.

IRL, I’m an ex-wall street finance guy, ex-silicon valley tech guy, and currently an acutal high school teacher. And a bit of a day trader. And a stay at home dad.

Why does that matter? I look at sneakers through MANY different lenses and love merging them together.

I’m also the creator of the first every sneaker grading algorithm , the first ever sneaker trading cards , and currently working on digitizing these collectibles. Get you some!

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If you’re over the sneaker ‘game’ but still wanna pursue an interest in sneakers…this is the place.


Keep in mind - I’m not here to post facts. I’m here to post sentiment. Every once in a while I’ll post some facts, but for the most part I keep things focused around what I observe.

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